Are you a business owner or property manager looking for the best and most cost effective way to have worry free lighting maintenance at your property?  Stop paying for unsatisfactory service, G&R Utility Solutions will beat any price and still provide you with service you can count on! 

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Underground Fault Locating

Many customers have underground cables and wires that provide electric for their community or property lighting systems and over the years the integrity of these cables wears down.  When a cable burns up or breaks under ground it is known as a "cable fault".  These faults require trained and experienced individuals that can locate and repair the problems.  At G&R we take pride in being the BEST in locating and repairing these faults and providing our customers a cost effective alternative to replacing whole sections of underground cable.  In some cases cable replacement is justified and our technicians discuss their findings as needed with our customers in order for them to make the most informed decision that fits their budget.

G&R Utility Solutions offers a wide choice of services for our customers.

  • Failed Underground Street Light Cable Repairs

  • Monthly Street Light Inspections (Performed at Night)
  • Preventative Maintenance and General Servicing ( Lamps, Photocell Controls, Cleaning, Etc.)
  • Street Lighting Upgrades (LED, Energy Efficient)
  • Maintenance Agreements

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