Services include:

-Lamp Renewal

-Fixture Repair/ Replacement

-Monthly Checks

-On-call service

-Cable Fault Locating/ Repairs

​Lighting Maintenance and Services

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G&R Utility Solutions, LLC

High Voltage Specialist

​Licensed/Bonded Utility Contractor

G&R Utility Solutions, LLC provides lighting maintenance, service and underground cable repairs for commercial properties, communities, and municipalities.  In today's fast paced world G&R can make having to deal with lighting issues less of a headache.  We offer two different kinds of services listed below:

Planned Price Lighting Agreement:

-G&R lighting technicians will conduct a monthly check of your lights at night

-Once a lighting issue is found, G&R will make repairs immediately.  These services and materials will be covered under the annual planned price lighting agreement bid price.

-Each month will have the same lighting budget price for the customer, which makes costs predictable while still covering all lighting needs.

Traditional Lighting Maintenance:

-Technicians are called when there is a lighting issue.

-Repairs will be made and customer will be charged for labor and materials.

-Monthly/ Annual lighting budget varies due to unknown lighting issues.

Faulted Street Light Cable