How Planned Price Lighting Agreement Works

1.We will conduct an initial inspection of your property and give you an annual Planned Price Agreement.

2. If you agree to our Planned Price Agreement, that price is all you will pay for the entire year to have G&R Utility Solutions as your lighting maintenance choice.

3. Each month we will perform a night time inspection of your business lighting and automatically schedule repairs to be made if there are lighting issues


4. If any lighting issues are noticed by you, simply call or email G&R anytime and know we will be out to repair it immediately.


Planned Price Lighting Agreement

-G&R Utility Solutions Senior Lighting Servicers will conduct a monthly check of your lights at night.


-Once lighting issues are found G&R will make repairs immediately.  These services and materials will be covered under the annual Planned Price Lighting Agreement bid price.


-Each month will have the same lighting budget total for the customer, which makes costs predictable while covering all lighting needs.


Traditional Lighting Maintenance


-Lighting servicers are called when the lights go out.


-G&R Senior Lighting Servicers will come to your property and perform repairs.  Customer is charged for labor and materials.


-Monthly/Annual lighting budget varies due to unknown lighting issues.

Planned Price Lighting Agreements


Outdoor lighting is a fast growing area of the lighting industry due to companies understanding the benefits of proper lighting maintenance.  Customers are attracted to businesses with well lit properties and business owners realize the importance of having a safe exterior environment for their customers and employees. 


Hiring lighting experts not only provides worry free services for the property owner, but also keeps property values up and overall electrical expenses down.  Unlike many other lighting competitors, G&R Utility Solutions, will not let lighting issues go unresolved.  Many businesses are paying for services that are slow and unsatisfactory, yet these companies still pay each month for substandard service.  With G&R Utility Solutions, our customers receive nothing but top rated service and quality lighting equipment.


G&R Utility Solutions, LLC.