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In todays fast paced world, property managers and business owners would rather spend their time managing their business instead of dealing with lighting issues and repairs.  G&R Utility Solutions offers planned lighting contracts that take away the headache of worrying about unexpected expenses associated with property lighting issues, especially for those sticking to an annual budget. 

After an initial property inspection, we'll give you a flat rate fee to take care of any lighting maintenance issues for the entire year!  For property managers and business owners, there's no better way to plan for your yearly lighting maintenance needs.  Let G&R Utility Solutions be your easy choice for all your lighting maintenance needs.  Call us today!

Fully Insured

Serving locations in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia

G&R Utility Solutions provides lighting maintenance, service, and underground cable repairs for communities, commercial properties, and municipalities.  Along with lighting services G&R Utility Solutions offers many electrical utility services to include Primary and Secondary electric work.

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Mission statement


G&R Utility Solutions seeks to professionally provide precise street light services and high quality electric utility solutions for our customers.   



G&R Utility Solutions, LLC.